Mosaic beyond limits

MYMOSAIC is an innovative and pioneering outcome grounded on the concept of traditional mosaic with a glance on the latest and advanced technologies for interior and outdoor decoration. MYMOSAIC can transform any digital images into totally customizable 3D Mosaic.

: About Us

The international working group, which has Italian origins, is based in New York and creates and develops technology, guaranteed by international patents and complying with worldwide regulations for public and private use.
MYMOSAIC holds a strong and organized sales network and reference projects throughout the United States and today, counting on an Italian tool manufacturer, is focusing its energies in the European market.
MYMOSAIC production efficiency allows you to realize big as wells as small customized projects, always granting the same high quality standards, high productivity and reduced lead times.

Ancient and Modern Mosaic

: Ancient and Modern Mosaic

From the original simple patterns used by the ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines development in the art of mosaic gave life to pure masterpieces.
In more recent times there has still been room for expression of creativity of few single artists whose idea of mosaic very much reminds us of past splendors (Gaudì).
Nowadays mosaic tiles have shifted to a more pragmatic approach towards this beautiful art partly losing the magic of creation with the result of a depersonalization.
In our contemporary world, the photography has moved from a concept of mere reproduction to an actual artistic expression. Starting from the concept of limitless creativity of digital photography, MYMOSAIC explores the magic of mosaic with a new technological approach.


MYMOSAIC has created a patented nanopolymer that reproduces any digital image in mosaic tiles, with tesserae that can be totally customized in shape and size.
The product is light and thin, giving the chance to be applied on pre-existing coverings, thus avoiding demolition costs.
The combination of products and hi-tech productions lines grants the high quality of each mosaic tile, both in terms of color repeatability in time and thickness uniformity, without forgetting the high productivity and reduced lead times.

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